International Happiness at Work Summit On-Demand NOW

Discover the latest tools, techniques, and strategies in the growing field of Happiness at Work for 2019 from 20+ leading experts.

Internationally leading experts including world-class professors, New York Times best-selling authors, renowned psychologists, talented teachers, entrepreneurs, pioneers, trainers and emerging voices have come together for the International Happiness at Work Summit. At this event you will learn how to:

Discover what Happiness at Work is

Find out the benefits of happiness at work, which include greater resilience, positive stress and improved focus
✔ Discover the important difference between trying to feel good and cultivating a rich and meaningful work (and home) life
✔ Explore the two ways to happiness: seeking pleasure and finding purpose

Find Out Practical Tips to be Happier at Work

Enjoy short and specific exercises recommended by our experts
✔ Find out the evidence-based ways to boost your resilience and wellbeing
✔ Discover simple yet powerful models to bring more happiness into the workplace

Evidence-based Ways to Happiness

Get advice on bringing happiness to you and your colleagues from the world’s leading experts
✔ Learn about the science of happiness at work
✔ Explore insights from the fields of Positive Psychology, Acceptance and Commitment Training, Mindfulness and Compassion

Create a Happier Culture and Happier Teams at Work

✔ Find out ways to create a positive change in the culture of your organisation
✔ Explore how to create happier, healthier and more effective teams



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Join the Summit’s 20 Leaders, Teachers and Experts for over 20 Hours of Training & Insights

Alexander Kjerulf
Miriam Akhtar
Prof. Steven C.Hayes
Thy-Diep "Yip" Ta
Leena Patel
Sokho Trinh
Nina Grunfeld
Christine Michaelis
Deepanjali Sapotka
Hanne Lindblad Hanne Lindblad
Hanne Lindblad
Dr. Carlos Saba
Jurgen Appelo
Dr Ha Vinh Tho
Gayle Van Gils
John Purkiss
Birju Pandya
Dr. Saamdu Chetri
Dr. Madan Kataria
Mark Leonard
Kathryn Goetzke
Message from Your Host
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Shamash Alidina
Author of Mindfulness at Work for Dummies, Co-founder of the Museum of Happiness

Hello and a warm welcome to our International Happiness at Work Summit! This is the one of the first online summits in the world on this topic, and we’ve really proud to have such an exciting line up for you all!

There are many reasons why we decided to create this summit on Happiness at Work. 

Firstly, it makes great business sense to have happier staff! When your staff are engaged, the science clearly shows they are more focused, more creative and more successful. And that creates a successful organisations.

Secondly, we are concerned about the growing issues around mental health at the workplace and beyond. We want to offer evidence-based ways to improve wellbeing in the workplace, so staff can be more resilience and less likely to feel overwhelmed or at worst, experience burnout.

Thirdly, we all spend most of our time at work. And since there is now so much research on what can be done to create a happier and more meaningful workplace, it’s time to turn those ideas into action. A summit is a great way to access world-class insights in the comfort of your office, home or even whilst you’re travelling.

So sit back and enjoy this summit. I very much look forward to welcoming you and introducing you to our wonderful speakers, who are all genuinely and authentic human beings, keen to help support you to find greater happiness, peace and wellbeing.

Shamash Alidina

Learn how to effectively bring Happiness into the Workplace

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Sessions are filled with key takeawaystips, and practices that you can apply immediately. 

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Discover the latest tools, techniques, and strategies from this diverse group of experts.

✔ Boost your long-term wellbeing
✔ Learn from experts in Positive Psychology, Acceptance and Commitment Training, Mindfulness, and Emotional Intelligence
✔ Enjoy more deep and authentic happiness
✔ Be more focused, productive, resilient, engaged and confident
✔ Be the change you want to see in the world!